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UP Ascent – possibly the only wing you’ll ever need

Written by Mads Syndergaard at UP

What makes paragliding into such an addictive pastime? Is it the battle with the elements that we experience when we take a demanding wing into rough midday air, or is it the serenity, the joy and the fun of flying an easy, perfectly tuned one in harmony with the air, the wind and the sun?

Silly question; paragliding is about having FUN! And for most of us, fun is not measured in the amount of adrenaline in the blood. That is why we made the UP Ascent.

We set out to make a wing with ample performance for all needs, and a sporty feel to it – but we wanted it to be a DHV 1 wing. To achieve this we had to think out of the box and come up with some innovative solutions to well-known issues. Enter the new UP StreamLine Technology, where little Shark Fins aid in managing the all-important airflow along the top surface of the wing.

By incorporating this new technology into the design our designers have managed to unite characteristics previously thought to be incompatible in one wing, namely relatively moderate aspect ratio and line length, and good roll dampening, perfect handling and ideal behaviour when exiting steep spirals.

But the innovations don’t stop here. The UP Ascent is also the first basic Intermediate wing from UP to take advantage of several of the Performance Class technology advances made in recent years. For example, the StreamLine Technology allowed us to use the UP Brake Tensioning System, where the brake lines travel through little rings placed perpendicular to the direction of the pull, with the effect that the trailing edge of the wing is tensioned when brake is applied. This gives the wing both a marked increase in safety AND a much more agile, nimble feel to it. Extensive testing during the design phase showed that the use of BTS without also incorporating the Shark Fins caused the wing to be too nervous along the roll axis. The usual way of solving this problem is to work with the curvature of the wing, to the detriment of the handling, but we had set out to follow new paths, and we did.

Inside the wing, invisible to the casual observer, other UP-exclusive design features await the curious. One is our Honeycomb System. V-ribs in conjunction with reinforcement tapes running parallel to the top- and bottom panels build an advanced “space-frame” structure that helps maintain rigidity in flight, thus benefiting the stability and resistance to collapses – which in turn has allowed us to install a speed system that makes speeds in excess of 50km/h into a real, usable feature.

With all these innovations in place we feel the stage is set for a radically new approach to paragliding as a pastime – namely an era where even advanced pilots can get their “fix” from a DHV 1 wing. That is why we market the wing as “possibly the only paraglider you’ll ever need”.

The UP Ascent will be available in all sizes from January 2007.

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